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Social Media Auto-checked Needs to Go Away

Hello. Our organization has over 20 social media accounts (and growing) associated to Constant Contact. When I create an email blast and want it to autopost on our social media, all of our accounts are already checked on that post. I have to go in and uncheck all of the accounts I do not want that message to post on (example, an email blast specific to our popcorn fundraising does not need to post on our Facebook page about Pinewood Derby). To make it even more time consuming, once I've unchecked the first visible 5 checkboxes, I scroll down to numbers 6-10, uncheck #6 and it bumps me back to the top. So I can only uncheck the top 5 at one time, then the remaining ones have to be unchecked one at a time. Overall, it takes me 5-8 minutes, PER EMAIL BLAST to schedule social media posts. All I want is to have the list be UNCHECKED to begin with so I can select which social media accounts I want each email to post on. This won't affect people that only have 1-2 accounts. But, we have a newsletter that goes out monthly to 12 different districts. That's 12 different newsletters every month. That newsletter only gets posted on ONE social media account. It doesn't go out to all 12 districts, just to the district it pertains to. So when I'm scheduling 12 newsletters, with 12 different social media accounts, I've lost 60-90 minutes of work time to just schedule the post on social media. PLEASE PLEASE fix this!!!

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This is a request I have been making for the past 4 years. I keep getting told that it's being fixed, but as of today, it has not. 

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I agree! It is a pain! 

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