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Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

Please add more options for social media such as an RSS feed (blog) and Houzz (interior design specific).  In addition, please "lock in" the social media icons per email campaign.  For example, I create email campaign 1 and set up the social media icons.  Then I create email campaign 2 with the social media icons linking to different social sites.  As soon as I save the social media profile for email 2 it changes the social media links in email 1.  This is VERY frustrating as we have 6 different brands that we send emails out for and we cannot use our email templates due to this issue. 


We tried to create our own social media icons by using images however, we cannot place more that two images side by side like we could in the old interface.  Also, please put back the ability to add a table into the new user interface - you took away this feature!  Having the ability to add a table would allow me a workaround to my first issue.  UGH!  Very frustrating - this is making us re-consider our decision to use Constant Contact for our email campaigns.





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New Member
For the social media buttons, it would be nice if you guys could add the Yelp button as well.
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open
New editor is extremely disappointing. Absolutely need user determined font styles available. Having to start from scratch each time is unacceptable. Also noticed that Flickr is not available in the social media bar which is not OK.
CTCT Employee

@heirloom_flowersThanks for the feedback.


Can you tell me a little bit more about what you mean by "user determined font styles". Would you like to see more font options than there are currently? Also, there is the ability to "Copy" a previously sent email so you don't have to start from scratch each time. You can do this by clicking the "Actions" dropdown on the campaigns page and choosing "Copy".

Regular Visitor

The new editing options are so limited, including the ridiculously small selection of social media icons - please add the ones requested by other commentors as well as an email icon and a link icon. I also have tried to add additional icons via the image tool, and was also aggravated that only two side-by-side can be created.


The inability to add custom fonts is very frustrating. Typefaces are a large part of any organization's branding. Please bring back this function.


Please add the table function again! This is needed for many reasons, the icon/link issue above as well as adding a box with a border. Not being able to add a border to individual sections of an email is irritating.


We have recently switched to CC from another email system and we are disappointed in the changes you've made.

All Star

Looking for social buttons for tumblr and flickr to add to our emails.




Also frustrated by this change. No provision for Houzz or Yelp. I had used tables on the previous version and added them manually. Now I can only create links from the words HOUZZ and YELP which looks unprofessional.


There's a lot of lost user functionality in the new email tool. I am frustrated and regret the "upgrade."

New Member

At the bottom of most of the emails, Constant Contacts has the option of putting in soical media links, which is nice. Except that some social media links aren't there or built in. One in perticular that I use often in Goodreads, and it would be very helpful if I could put in a widget for the site at the bottom of my page in place of Instrgram or Pintrest, which I don't use.