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Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

Please add more options for social media such as an RSS feed (blog) and Houzz (interior design specific).  In addition, please "lock in" the social media icons per email campaign.  For example, I create email campaign 1 and set up the social media icons.  Then I create email campaign 2 with the social media icons linking to different social sites.  As soon as I save the social media profile for email 2 it changes the social media links in email 1.  This is VERY frustrating as we have 6 different brands that we send emails out for and we cannot use our email templates due to this issue. 


We tried to create our own social media icons by using images however, we cannot place more that two images side by side like we could in the old interface.  Also, please put back the ability to add a table into the new user interface - you took away this feature!  Having the ability to add a table would allow me a workaround to my first issue.  UGH!  Very frustrating - this is making us re-consider our decision to use Constant Contact for our email campaigns.





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At the bottom of most of the emails, Constant Contacts has the option of putting in soical media links, which is nice. Except that some social media links aren't there or built in. One in perticular that I use often in Goodreads, and it would be very helpful if I could put in a widget for the site at the bottom of my page in place of Instrgram or Pintrest, which I don't use. 


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Our client has customized social icons that they want to use everywhere - it would be nice to be able to customize the social icons in the new email editor. In the legacy it is easy to adjust the HTML, this option no longer exists in the new wysiwyg editor.

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We are  dual branded and send out messages from either or sometimes both sister companies.


I would love a simple way to display both sets of icons and to also toggle between one or the other.


Is this possible?

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Although some may like to offer a link to share their newsletter with social media, we do not. We respect the privacy of our members and are not at all happy that C Contact no longer allows us this option of NOT LINKING to social media.

Not pleased!

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Having an ITunes social button would be nice!
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So, you continue to increase the prices on us customers on a regular basis but the product remains virtually the same as it was years ago.  


With Twitter and Instagram all the rage nowadays, how about you build into your social share platform a way to send notices through to those platforms in addition to just Facebook.




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I love the flexibility of the new email generator, however I find it difficult to include a social media button that is not already loaded as an option through the build. it would be nice to have other options for additional social media channels. When I add one as a graphic throws the mobile view way off. pleaforsocialmediaicons.jpg

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Can you please add the SmugMug logo to the social site options?






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Could you add that? would just be a nice customer service. I know I would appreciate it! thanks. - Peggy
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I like to include social media but I should be able to have the information static so that i don't have to input it every time! So...if it is static then why do i think I have to input it each time? See? either way guys; either way