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Social Media Posts Calendar

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As I try to have all of my posts scheduled for the month, it would be incredibly helpful to have an easy to view calendar version of the scheduled posts. I was going through each individual post, having to look at the fine print date, and edit it as needed... it was a nightmare... if it was in a calendar view (something like G-Cal) I would ve able to see all the posts in order and move them around where I need them.... Maybe even have a quick thumbnail pop up when you hover over the post which allows for quick editing...


That may be way too complicated, but if it is possible, it would make it much more enjoyable to use... and keep us from looking for some other piece of software to do it better...



A Humble Student Director

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Hi @JanetC221 at this time the campaign calendar view available in user accounts does have the option to also view social posts. Does this fit your needs?



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