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I have reviewed the "new" Social Posts feature and was looking to signup with my accounts, but noticed I can only signup with my personal Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin pages. What i wanted and I believe that others would look for and need is for my Facebook Company Pages, LInkedin Company and Company My pages (spotlight and Product, etc.) As my followers on my company pages are for business and potential business, my personal pages are just that family and friends. The ability to post from CC to Company pages and "My Pages" would be a great addition. I checked with Chat support and they confirmed that I could only setup my personal pages, so that is my feedback as to business, professional pages. Thanks
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Hi @RichardH650  thanks for sharing this feedback! All Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn business accounts are connected to a personal account. Where in your account are you finding yourself unable to connect your business pages? What is the last step you take before being able to connect a business page? It's always important to make sure you are set as the administrator for your Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn Company Page, or Twitter account.

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