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Social Share - Instagram

Social Share - Instagram

In certain templates, there is a social share button and it doesnt include the ability to add Instagram - why not?

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any plans on including instagram in social posts I see FB, twitter and one other but instagram is big. please consider adding this site too. thank you
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There should be a link for "Instagram" for social profile

Two years (+), and still waiting for an Instagram Social Share feature. Perhaps someone at CC would be courteous enough to explain why this is not yet an option rather than continuing to say that it's something that is being worked on/reviewed. I'm thinking there's a reason we users haven't considered that's making it challenging at your end. 

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A Constant Contact Rep showed me where to find, in 3GE, the social share buttons that I could build into a template, adding icons to enable readers to share the email with friends. I was adding those--but today I can only find the icons to share to our own social media. Am I missing something? 

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I would like instagram capability, too

Any word on adding instagram? Ive been reading the comments, looks like this is in high demand, and no one is even working on it.  ETA?