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Hi, For emails we copy from previous campaigns, it would be extremely helpful if the social sharing preferences were inherited in the copied campaign. We are finding we have to untick the number of times a campaign shares (changing option to 1 time doesn't stick across campaigns) and the channels it shares to. This takes a few extra minutes and, more importantly, leaves lots of room for error! Thanks for your consideration!
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Hi @CleveJN

If you connect your accounts using the options in settings it should carry over when you copy and re-design the email. If you are still not seeing this happen can you let me know the name of the email you copied and I will take a look? 


Hi Hannah,


Thanks for letting me know. The campaign is called Boker Tov. The latest one I copied is Boker Tov 3/28/16. Can you see if it interited the campaing it was copied from's social sharing preferences? It was copied from Boker Tov 3/25/16.



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