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Social Share is great, but we have lots of different campaigns with different social shares involved. It would be good to have a single place to see all the social share posts, just like the campaigns. Thanks.
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I wish there was an option to view my PAST social shares, maybe on the campaigns calendar so I can view everything in one place?
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Why would you post 2 times on the same day? You did it automatically, and by the time I realized it, it was published and couldn't be changed. Your calendar didn't show 2 posts until published. There should be some delay to allow people to catch errors.
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Hi there,  I have used several social posting/scheduling tools and would like to have the ability to review my scheduled social posts in Calendar format.  it would be cool if this option existed vs. just the linear view which gets confusing if you have multiple channels and multiple posts per day.

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It's weird that we have to scroll to the bottom of the page to click the social share button. IT's a minor irritation, but illogical. I am also annoyed that I still can't pin pictures to the social share posting tool. I've complained about this repeatedly. It sucks for those of us who have regular columnists whose hear and shoulder shots we want to use every week in the social media shares.
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I meant HEAD and shoulder, not "hear"