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Tweet Length wrong

Twitter changed calcuation for the lenght (140 char) for a tweet many months ago.  Your tool is off at least 20 characters.  Please fix.  Again this change was made many months ago

Status changed to: Voting Open
Twitter allows 280 characters now. Kindly update the characters remaining under social media. Thank you
Hello. I wish you could update your Social Posts for Twitter into 280 characters. Twitter has updated their character limit now but you still offers 140 characters.

I need 280 characters!

Consulting & Training
Your system said I had too many characters but when i went to FB, Twitter and Linkedin it worked just fine. This on top of the google short code issues are completely unacceptable. If this is not all resolved soon I hope you will be issuing refunds for this service.

Would there be any possible way to up the character count on Twitter to 280 characters? Twitter updated awhile back and I didn't know if it was purposeful to keep it at 140. I love using CC to posts to both FB and Twitter for my job, but sometimes I have to cut so much out of my tweet to get it under the character count. Would it be possible to update that?

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Great news everyone! We now have a 280 character limit.

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