It would be such a big help to have more advanced triggers to segment mail lists which  help shops target their customers better & increase sales in promotions. Please add triggers such as - did not open last campaign (so we can retarget a message to them!), did not click link in last campaign (helps again to retarget potential buyers and not send the same message to everyone), has not purchased in X days (amazing feature to target people who have not reordered!). 

This would require Constant Contact to sync with shops more so they can access data, but this would increase your user capabilities, lead to more sales as we customize marketing to our clients, and them that means more happy constant contact customers! I feel so limited with constant contact compared to mailchimp, so please step up the triggering features. Also please let me save my email campaigns as templates! SO much work to have to recreate my look for emails outside of a series. 


YES!! I am starting to look at other companies that do a better job of contact management.

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Hey @DenicaG, thanks so much for sharing your feedback! We actually have some great ways to segment contacts further and it actually covers almost every instance that you mentioned. Check out this Knowledge-base article for more information on how you can create these types of segments. As far as segmenting to shoppers, this is something we've been working on for some time and it'll be available shortly to Shopify customers. As we release this feature for Shopify, I'm sure we'll look into other online shops that we can integrate with. I've noted that you'd like this feature and I'll make sure you're one of the first to have access to it, so please feel free to share any feedback you've got about it. 


How to build a segmented list


Thanks again!

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Since the original posting, I'm happy to announce that we have made many improvements to our Shopify integration, including the ability to segment contacts based on their Shopify activity. Let us know what you think!