Covid-19 Reopening Survey


Covid-19 Reopening Survey

Have any of you used a survey for your customers/members to see if/when they would be ready to come back.  We are a synagogue and know that there are so many facets to our opening.  Despite our Governor saying we can open to 25% of our capacity, the leadership does not feel that it is a safe choice right now given our population.


I have been searching for sample surveys with questions regarding the opening up process.  Does anyone have resources to share?




Occasional Participant

Hello. We just did one yesterday asking who will work and when to our members (265). Today we've had a 69% open and click-through rate, which is good. 


A question - does someone at your synagogue work with Constant Contact regularly? We use it to send out our weekly Member News and Shopper News emails. If someone is familiar with the program, it is a lot easier to create your survey and email. Not impossible, just much faster after you've done one. It worked great for us!


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