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Doctors looking for a HIPPA-compliant virtual solution 👇

Here are 6 of the top HIPAA-compliant video conferencing services & some info on their functionality:
• Free for limited services
• Reviewers on Capterra highlighted the solution’s free option and ease of use but mentioned that calls drop if the internet service isn’t strong —

• $30/month
• Focused on mental and behavioral health
• Practice management for individuals and small to medium organizations —

• $38/month
• Unlimited users, storage, and support
• Specifically tailored for mental health applications
• Electronic health record software with Wiley Practice Planners treatment planning solution add-on —

• $39/month
• Part of a wider practice management platform for small businesses in health and wellness
• Includes integrated features such as free appointment reminders (SMS, email, and voice), mobile app, e-claim filing
• Reviewers report a clean interface —

Zoom for healthcare
• $200/month
• Consistent, high-quality video
• Commonly used in webinars —

• $199/month
• Used by large organizations, such as Shell and NASA
• Optimized for areas of poor internet service so it’s good for clients overseas or in rural areas —

Hello!  Thanks for this.  Sharing with a client who's a service provider here in Illinois


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