Free Covid Graphics


Free Covid Graphics

Why are there no free Covid-19 graphic images?  This is all that people are talking about, yet not one free image?  You have to use the pay images.  


Why are there no free Covid-19 images for us to use?  There are plenty that we can pay for, but not one image for free?  Please change this.  Thank you.

While our stock library does not have free images specifically related to COVID-19, I did my own search and was able to pull in results when searching for related keywords like "hand washing" or "doctor". If the images in these results do not suit your particular needs, you can access other websites that provide stock images, while making sure that you have permission to use them freely or needing to provide credit to the photographer (this will depend on the website).

William D
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Yes, well that is the problem.  Trying to find one where you don't have to worry about copyright or crediting the designer when we are using your program (which we pay for).  


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