How about more tips and information aimed at non-profits, not just small businesses?

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How about more tips and information aimed at non-profits, not just small businesses?

Most of what I see re' responding to COVID-19 talks about small businesses.  Those of us who are non-profits surviving on donations have entirely different challenges.  We do not have a product to sell.  Almost everything is different.  If you already have material addressing our special needs, please point me to them.  If not, please consider how you might address our particular challenges.


Hi @SusanH647 


Thanks for asking, you're right the non-profit challenges are very different! We have a few resources I can share:


We recently added a new blog article: Crisis Communication Tips for Nonprofits Dealing with COVID-19


We also created quite a few PDF action plans for different industries that are meant to be used as a guide. There is a non-profit one available for download on the Small Business Action Plans page.


The non-profit industry is very varied, so let me know if these help. We can see if some others can chime in on this thread as well.

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I found and downloaded the Marketing Guide for non-profits. So many resources are available here on Constant Contact that I was unaware of. Thank you!

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Thanks for the information! It has been daunting for us in the non for profit realm.


As a 501 c 6 (Business League like Chamber of Commerce) we are not able to accept donations and our operational revenue is from educational event hosting and membership, which have both come to a halt. It has been a challenge to maintain engagement while everyone is getting LOADS of information constantly or boost membership during all of this, but these resources are a great start.




Use this area to connect with other small businesses to share resources and advice on how you're responding to COVID-19 changes.

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