Working from home with OTHERS around!

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Working from home with OTHERS around!

I've bee working from home for 10+ years... but curveball has been that my wife is now home all day as well!


I never realized how distracting it was even just knowing someone else is home.  


Not to mention it's "fun" that she's around, and she doesn't want to hang out all day alone! it makes me want to let off the gas pedal... but our clients need us more than every before...


Solution: I divide my day up - I work from the basement office the until around lunch with laser focus, then we exercise together outside and have lunch after, then I work from the laptop upstairs the 2nd half of the day. This variety helps tick all the boxes and I'm finding a new groove! 

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Hey Aaron,


Similar situation here!


My wife and I have our offices on opposite ends of the house.


We meet for breakfast/lunch/dinner/midday breaks.


It works out well!



Ken Countess
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Hello @Activatebiz and @KenCountess,


Same here - my husband's upstairs, I"m downstairs.  We start our days at different times, but we meet for lunch and do a pre-lunch walk which has been a great way to get some movement in during the day.


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