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5 Sales Techniques for Small Businesses





I found a post at Small Biz Bee that I thought I would share with the Community. In it, you'll learn 5 techniques that should help you with sales for your small businesses.


What I found most useful:


  1. Enticements and Promotions - I'm loyal to most stores that offer a valuable Rewards Program. Whenever I make a purchase at my local video game store, I get points that I can cash in for free swag. This keep me going to that store as it entices me with free products.
  2. Talk Up Your Sales - Whenever your pitching your product or business, focus on the positive.
  3. Internal Analysis - Look at what's driving sales at your business and see if you can identify a trend.

For the full post, check out - 5 Sales Techniques for Small Businesses


What Drives your sales? Do you have techniques that could benefit the Community?




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