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Helping You Reach Your Next Great Customer - 6 key Points

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We recently had a live webinar in honor of Small Business Week Co Sponsored by Constant Contact and Score. It was packed with over 400 attendees.


The webinar covered:


  • Proven tips and strategies for reaching your next great customer
  • How to get existing customers to bring you new ones
  • How to create engaging marketing campaigns

There were 6 key points made during the webinar that I wanted to share with the Community.


  1. We trust comments and reviews...even from strangers...not marketing - Of those surveyed, only 36% trust traditional advertising. We're more likely to go see a movie or eat at a restaurant our friends have recommended then we are based on ads we see on TV, in print, etc.
  2. Your customer's friends are your next best prospects - My favorite restaurant recently became "our" favorite restaurant when I introduced it to my friends.
  3. Rise above the ordinary in small ways (or large) that Wow! your customers - I was recently at a local bar with friends and they had a few xbox's hooked up to their big screen TV's. I thought it was great that I could sit there and relax and play games with others at the bar. I didn't expect that!
  4. They won't join if you don't ask (yes, you really have to!) - If you have a mailing list or a fan page, tell everyone who visits your store about it! You have to be the one that starts the relationship. It doesn't matter if you have a Wow! experience if you can't follow through with it.
  5. Engagement drives social visibility - If you can get people talking online, they'll share that conversation with friends. Have an active Facebook presence. Share videos, images, etc. and your fans will share them.
  6. Engagement matters - It's a relationship. It needs to be nurtured and paid attention to. Is 15 minutes out of your day to post on Facebook really an inconvenience?

Did you attend the webinar? What did you take away from it?


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Re: Helping You Reach Your Next Great Customer - 6 key Points

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Great tips, thanks!

It doesn't really take that much time to engage with your customers. Simply be yourself and talk to them. Shed any pretense and be a friend to them. I can't tell you how many times I've heard over the years, "I can't believe I'm talking to the owner of the company!" I always think to myself, "I can't believe more owners are not talking to you!"

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