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Need help with your taxes?

Taxes are due April 18th this year. Have you filed already?  In case you haven’t, here are some great articles I found about some deductibles and time-saving tips!  Or even if you have, maybe you’ll see something that you can use for next year’s tax season!  How do you remember everything you need to know when it’s tax season?  Please share your knowledge here with other small businesses.


Did you know that you can deduct items like child care from your taxes?  That and 10 other items are included in this article:  A dozen deductions for your small business


What is – and isn’t – a tax deductible business expense?  The answer to this and other common tax questions can be found in this article:  Small Business Tax FAQ  


Do you know how to hire an Accountant?  This article will give you some insight on how to hire a professional to help you through the tax process:  How to Hire an Accountant