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Time to Honor Small Businesses

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It's that time again!


Since 1963 each president has signed a proclamation for Small Business Week.  


When I got out of college I worked for a local convenience store owned by two great guys. Each day I came in, I could see them doing any number of jobs at once. From cashier to customer service, they worked very hard to make that convenience store compete with the bigger chains.


When I decided to work for that store, I joined over half of the country that either owns or works for a small business.


One of my good friends has a carpet business his family owns that he's worked at since we were in high school. The dedication he shows to that business is second to none. He hardly ever gets a day off and vacations are rare, but he loves what he does and never complains.


There's a certain charm that both of these businesses have and I think that's because these owners have dedicated their lives to making the business succeed. The love they have for that business permeates throughout the business and gives the store life.


Small businesses are all over the country. In fact, there are over 27.2 million small businesses cross America. And for the 49th year they have their own holiday.


So raise a cup and propose a toast to all of the small businesses across the country and all over the world!


Happy Small Business Week!


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Re: Time to Honor Small Businesses

Gee, I feel that was written just for me. Thanks, I'll take it!  :smileyvery-happy:


Seriously, there is nothing more exciting than being passionate about your field and working hard toward your dreams. It's nice that we have a week acknowledging small business. It's even more exciting that we live in a country that gives us the freedom to own a small business and carve out a little piece of something for ourselves. 


(Raises cup) ... Here's to small businesses everywhere! 

Mike Donovan