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Facebook Chat Recap - What are different types of Social Campaigns I can use?





We had another great Facebook chat on Thursday and I wanted to share some of the best questions with the Community. This was the last of our Fanbruary chats but keep an eye on our page for more chats coming soon!


Q - How can I add "also on Yelp or Gowala" on my fb page?


A - You can publish your Yelp reviews to Facebook or Twitter by logging into your Yelp account, click on the "My Account" button, and then follow the instructions in the "External Services" tab.


Q - I am trying to gain more engagement on facebook. I post articles, ask questions, feature products, and I'm not getting a lot of response. We are going to do a contest for a gift card next week to see who is reading our posts. I have also tried posting morning, early a.m. and p.m. evening and on weekends. Do you have any other suggestions?


A - A couple of things we have seen work really well to drive engagement are posting open ended questions or using Facebook polls about interesting topics. Also, try offering something of value - tips for your audience, etc.


Q - I'd like to offer an incentive when someone likes our page. (e.g. a coupon code for our store). Is that something Constant Contact can help with?


A - Social Campaigns is a great way to incentive people to like your page, and in fact, one of the templates that we offer is a coupon. Basically, people come to your customize landing page on Facebook and are asked to Like the page in exchange for something of value. In this case, a downloadable coupon. Here's an example:

For the full chat, check out our Facebook page


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