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Social Campaign not working

Worked with CC to fix an issue with the Social Campaign not getting published.  The only reason being "CC can find the Welcome TAB" on facebook.


So I created a Welcome TAB using Pagemodo.  Even now, CC cannot publish my social campaign.  I have been working with Andrew of CC and it has been a few days since the issue has been brought to CC's attention.


I like the convenience of using CC as I can do all my marketing campaign from one platform.  If I do not see further progress quickly, I will choose another platform that can do the same.

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Re: Social Campaign not working

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Dear RajeshA,

I tried to call you at approximately 9:15am MST and sent you a follow-up email at 9:30am MST on 02/14/2012.


I submitted a request after our initial contact to our senior techs to investigate the issue that you are having. Once a solution/workaround is found, you will be notified by myself or one of our senior techs.


Again, I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you and want you to know that we are investigating the issue diligently to get the Welcome tab added to your account and prevent this problem from occurring with any other accounts.



Andrew G.

Constant Contact Social Campaigns Coach

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Re: Social Campaign not working



Thank you.  I got ur message.


I appreciate that CC is still working on it.  More importantly, CC is taking the time and effort to follow up is fantastic.


Keep up the good work and I look forward to working with CC.



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Re: Social Campaign not working

The issue I have with the social campaigns is that any pic i try to add to the Facebook social campaign gets dropped when it posts to facebook. Is there a specific graphic dimension/height/width I should be using?  The option to resize image does not seem to work properly here either.  I like the idea of setting up my facebook posts through CC but so far it is an exercise in frustration each time we post. Eventually I can get the pic to post , but it seems to be hit or miss when it does.

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Re: Social Campaign not working



I'm sorry you're having trouble. Do we have permission to access your account to test this? We would need to know the Social Campaign you are having trouble with and connect a test FB page to your account in order to troubleshoot. Please let us know.




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