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User interface not as good as email interface

I have trouble dragging blocks to other locations in Social Campaigns, it does not work as smoothly as in Email Marketing. Each time you begin to drag a block the screen automatically jumps to the top and will not let you drag it down more than half way through the group of blocks.


The features do not match some of the things promised in the Playbook documentation.


Once I began using Social Campaigns, the Playbook and other documentation could not be found. I thought I remembered one of the documents explaining how to use the Social email template and then selecting from the menu to insert the link to my new social campaign. I could not find that menu in the email editing and now I cannot find the documentation that explained how to do it. Some of the documentation is only available before you begin a trial usage of the Social Campaigns.


When I click on the Social Campaigns tab from the main Constant Contact page, the Social Campaign window has trouble opening all the way. I can only see the top third of the area.

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Re: User interface not as good as email interface

Hello Peter,


Thank you for your feedback regarding our social campaigns product.  I understand that there are some differences between the editor for social campaigns and email marketing, and I assure you that we are working on giving you the best experience possible.


If you are having trouble dragging blocks, that may be due to the version of browser that you are using.  Right now, our site doesn't fully support Firefox version 10, which may be causing the difficulty dragging the blocks. You can always try a different browser, which should get you a better result.


As for having access to the playbook, the following link will take you there:  Also, if you are editing an email marketing campaign, and wish to add links to your current social campaigns, you can do so from within the editor.  If you choose to edit a block in the email, you will see the insert menu on the left, and "Social Campaign" is about the seventh option down.


As for only seeing a part of the page when you go to the Social Campaigns tab in your account, this is something that we are aware of and working on getting fixed. If this happens, the best thing to do is to refresh the page, by clicking on the Social Campaigns tab again, which should make the whole thing visible.


Thank you again for all of the feedback that you provided us Peter.  I hope you found this information helpful!




Eric A.

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