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Re: WARNING --- BE AWARE - Community pages on facebook

I work with people that are trying to share thier story/their need for a kidney donor.  I also work with those that are living donors or have recieved the gift of life through a transplant and want to raise awareness.

Community pages do not generate news feed, etc.  For them the point is to get their story out there in hopes that someone will find it in their heart to offer to become a donor and save their lives.  Finding a donor is pretty much their only chance at living with the way the transplant list is.  

As it is 18 people die every day while waiting for "the call".  I know of 4 babies born with kidney disease that have died in the last 3 months due to a lack of donors, and a 3 yr old that has been waiting over 2 1/2 years that is now so sick that he has been removed from the transplant list and will die when his body can nolonger tolerate dialysis.

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Re: WARNING --- BE AWARE - Community pages on facebook

Not sure where you got the impression that a community page doens't generate a news feed to folks that "like" the page.

But I assure you it does.


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