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Do You Worry About Whether or Brand is Interesting Enough on Social Media?

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I receive a daily email called SmartBrief on Social Media and in those emails they normally include a little poll question that the readers can answer.  The one that they were sharing results for today was "Do you worry about whether your brand is interesting enough to sustain a social media presence".  64.95% answered yes.  Per Jeremy Victor, that is "the exact right emotion to ensure that your brand is, in fact - or does become - interesting."  I couldn't agree with him more!


If you're not worried about it, then you're not working to make sure you are interesting!


Here are his 4 tips to guarantee you are and will remain interesting!


1.  Address your social-content strategy

2.  Hire right

3.  Get ready...Actually ask your customers what they are interested in!

4.  Review your results and analytics!


Check out "4 Steps to Building a More Interesting Brand Through Social Media" to read through all the tips!



How do you make sure that your brand is interesting on Social Media?

What is working for you? What's not?

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