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3rd-gen is WAY too responsive (or nonresponsive?)

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3rd-gen is WAY too responsive (or nonresponsive?)

I find it extremely challenging to get active the traits of the element I want - grabbing and activating the gear icon is next to impossible, and heaven forbid I should move the mouse one pixel off it. I spend w-a-y more time than I should have to spend just trying desperately to get the mouse in the right place to, say, change a background color. And I'm on a big screen using a real mouse. I can't even begin to imagine how painful this must be on a laptop with a trackpad!  (11-year CC customer, so I know how easy it used to be before things got all )
If the truth must be known, I have four pages of handwritten notes about issues in CC that make it frustrating, challenging, and downright intimidating to create emails, manage contacts, and the like. Stupid things like social media link fields being too short to see what the end of the URL is. I mean, every twitter URL starts with - and yet that's all that displays in the field where you choose the link.  Gotta use the arrows to get further over the field.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

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Re: 3rd-gen is WAY too responsive (or nonresponsive?)

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