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Welcome to 3GE Headquarters!

CTCT Employee

Welcome to 3GE Headquarters!

As a product manager at Constant Contact we look at a lot of channels to continue to improve our products. This includes places like the Community, sales & support calls, the market and competitors, and the latest technology. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to think, “if we build this, how much will our users benefit from it or see return on their end?” One thing I’m really excited about is how our latest editor has made it easier to create great looking mobile-responsive emails in less time.


When we first started thinking about our Third Generation Editor we considered many things; from which features returned the best engagement, to how users preferred to create their emails, to what took up the most time. We learned a lot about which features to build first, how we could simplify the editing experience via drag and drop, and we made sure to have a “mobile-first” mentality. The editor is by no means “done,” and we have a lot of exciting improvements and new features coming down the road. Of course we love any and all feedback, so keep it coming!


Just as a teaser, I wanted to leave with a few notes on some features that are in the works for the short and long term of the editor. Without going into specifics we have some great new Action Blocks in the works, including some integrations with 3rd parties. We’re also looking at improving the Template Picker to bring more functionality and keep all your recent campaigns in one spot.


I hope this board proves to be a great resource for help, best practices and feedback, and I looking forward to keeping in touch!



Jared M.
Product Manager
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Re: Welcome to 3GE Headquarters!

At the risk of sounding whiny, have you all actually tried using the editor in real life? I've been using CC for over ten years. I do four - six emails per week. The new editor is horrible. I'm not talking about the things we can no longer do (like tell when an image has been inserted at the correct size). I am talking about how overly "responsive" it is to even the most minute of mouse movements.

  • It ought not to take several attempts to get the mouse in the right place to hover over the block-properties changing popup, and another several attempts to click on the right part of that popup, and another few attempts to then get the mouse to move to the part you want to change.  Heaven forbid that you're working near the bottom of a visible window - you will have to lose all the carefully-managed clicks you just did, and scroll up so when the popups appear, you can see the rest of them. 
  • Changing or updating social links should let you see what the link actually is. Hint: every Facebook link is going to start with https://www.facebo -- which is all you can see in the link editing box. 
  • After a period (as yet undetermined) of editing, the bright pink bar that shows where you are attempting to place or move a block disappears, and becomes an almost visible thin blue line. 

These are just a few of the issues I've run into. And I know the discussion boards are full of more issues. Sure, new features are great, but a lot of things are either not good or flat out broken.

CTCT Employee

Re: Welcome to 3GE Headquarters!

Hi @Anonymous,


Thank you for getting this feedback to us. You bring up some great points! I apologize that your experience with our 3GE editor has not been to your liking. Your feedback is very important to us and I will absolutely pass it along to the appropriate teams for review.


We definitely want the editor to be as pleasant an experience as possible, so any feedback like this is absolutely welcome and wanted.


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