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Working with images, problem with what shows in editor

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Working with images, problem with what shows in editor

Wondering if anyone else has had this problem and found a solution.

For the most part, the images we use in our emails are from our website--and rather than uploading them to our account library, we just use the URLs to insert them as needed. Recently we have been having a couple of problems, which I suspect are related and reflect some coding problem.


One is that sometimes "phantom" images show up that we cannot see when working in the editor, but when we preview and send a test, they do show. These are images that we are actually using, so they show up both where we insert them and in another spot in the email. Have not yet been able to determine if there is a pattern to when this happens.


The second, just happened for the first time earlier this week. In this case, we inserted an image, and it showed up in the editor, but not in the preview or the test email. Since it shows in the editor we can be certain that it hasn't "gone missing" and of course we can verify that by going directly to the URL. The preview and the test message both show the space allotted to the image in the desktop version but did not show it in the mobile version. But neither version, in preview or test, show the image itself. We solved this by putting the image in our library, But we consider this an unsatisfactory solution.


Could this be a documented bug?

CTCT Employee

Re: Working with images, problem with what shows in editor

Hi @JulieL34


Thank you for reaching out to the Constant Contact Community. I hope you are having an awesome weekend.


I'm sorry you are experiencing these issues when inserting your image URL into your email campaign. Both are documented system issues we are aware of and our team are working on. I will document that fact that you are experiencing these problems on your account and have the team notify you when there is resolution on the problem. In the meantime, if you notice the problem with the direct image, continue to use the workaround you found of adding the image into your library. If you have further questions, please always feel free to reach out. We are happy to assist.


Thank you for choosing Constant Contact. Have a good day!

Adrienne B.
Community & Social Media Support

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