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Completed Ideas

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I like being able to mark templates with a star as a favorite.
0 3
It would be most helpful if we could edit the order of the table of contents.
0 3
If your site cannot provide basic functionality in a trial version you are losing customers before y...
0 3
Not all templates are available and can not search for them
0 7
I would like to see you add the Instagram Icon to Social Media Facebook, Twitter and most all other...
30 40
a few months back you changed the preview recipients functionality where now the recipients only se...
0 6
You are all so behind. This is ridiculous. I have a custom footer in my account, but my emails are ...
2 4
I can't get in to add fields to the table of contents. The block is greyed out on the left menu. The...
0 3
I think the default to "send it now" in the scheduling function is very dangerous.  I think you nee...
2 5
I am disappointed to see that you don't have an option to embed a sign-up form on your website with...
6 18
You do no have a social icon for Instagram on some of your documents. Please add one. Thanks
0 3
After years of using IContact, I decided to try Constant Contact. I run into constant issues trying...
0 3
0 3
Per customer request, QuickView app should have a list sorting feature to help in finding the list ...
0 4
What I see in the preview and what the email looks like when received looks quite a bit different a...
0 10
0 3
I find that your new interface for selecting lists for emails is very counter-intuitive. When my a...
4 8
Currently, you only have one template that has the coding to generate an expressed consent "opt-in"....
1 4
For multiple events on one announcement, it would be very useful to have the collapse/expand feature...
5 6
Im just now starting to try and develop something, you keep bugging me,
0 3