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by AprilF4 on ‎05-17-2012 02:15 PM

Hi,   We've just launched our first deal via SaveLocal and I thought I would give a few recommendations on things that would improve the way it works.


  • When building the deal (and with any email blasts) it would look much better if we had the option of making our business logo at the top be Centered on the header.  Instead of only being able to set it to either Left or Right alignment.
  • It would also look much better if we could choose the color of the header at the top (for example, our logo has a white background but the template has a brown header, so it is inside of a box that looks kind of tacky).  I understand that you have a variety of templates with different color headers, but very few of them were white and the one we chose had a better layout overall so we had to settle for a brown header.  If we could just change the color of the header that would be helpful.
  • Once the deal had launched I kept checking the Reports option but it appears to only give information once deals have been bought.  It would be very helpful to also see the same sort of instant reporting that comes with regular email blasts, such as how many people have clicked the link and viewed the deal so far, how many have unsubscribed, etc.

Thank you!


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I want to be able to put these coupons into a newsletter that I am drafting- don't want to have to send two emails to my contacts- one with just coupon and one with newsletter. Can you all create an "Insert Local Deal" coupon in the left sidebar of email editors with all the other tools?





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Make it where we can print a list of our coupons, with the recipients name on it.   This is what Groupon does and helps keep up with the coupons, when a customer comes in to use them.

Deal reminders.

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by on ‎05-12-2012 06:11 PM

Is there a way to send / resend the deal at an interval before it ends.


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I am trying for the first time to use SaveLocal. I was very excited to try this product since I am a huge fan of Constant Contact. Though I am not happy with the inability to change the layout photo in the center of the deal. None of the photos work for my industry. The scond problem is the logo is very small in the corner. I am hoping this is just the first generation for this product. If I am missing a layout step please let me know.


Hope Birsh

Maryland Saddlery

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On step 1 of the creation flow, in the template picker section, there is a "choose image" button that will let you change the main image of a deal using our standard image picker. The ideal size for a main image is 525w x 250h pixels


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by DebbieB740 on ‎05-20-2012 11:16 PM

You guys should use more than just paypal, by using just paypal in the local services areas, you're limiting yourself. I will love to use it, but I do not use payal, I have my own merchant account.

Save and View buttons

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by DonaldZ on ‎05-17-2012 02:57 PM

How about  save and view buttons, unless I'm missing them somewhere.

As a company our gym has utilized many (I mean many) coupon discount offers. Is there a central site where all deals reside?. Maybe I missed it but I would love to see the other deals that are offered in my area. Having a central site or sites where a customer can browse deals and then maybe a link to Facebook where they could share a FIND with their friends thus incrteasing the reach of the coupon. 



I would also like to see how many email opens like in cc

We tried Save Local and we are pleased with our first results. I would like to be able to post the SaveLocal on my facebook through out the duration of the deal. I figured out a way to repost it to our pages by pasting in the link. It would be helpful if there was a reposting link for twitter and facebook. I wanted to tell my customers that the deal was ending and to hurry up and sign up.


Thank you,

Hope Birsh

Maryland Saddlery