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Copy Campaigns

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by on ‎01-17-2012 10:49 AM


I would also like to copy campaigns, like you can do with emails. it would cut down on time and errors.

Hello, I like the concept of the Social campaign coupon code as an incentive to get past the fan gate, but no documentation exists for generating unique coupons codes.


Based on what I understand from the documentation available, and video tutorials - we would create the social campaign, and put in a promo code which would then be displayed after the customer clicks like.


The problem I see with this, is that the code can be easily copied and shared their friends without any limit or reused for multiple purchases.


For example - if the promo code was a static "GETAPLUSHTOY", for a Plush toy gift on the next purchase as a thank you for liking our FB page - this code is not unique, and can be posted on a coupon sharing website, or simply used over and over - completely defeating the incentive to like our page and defeats the need to limit the giveaway to a single customer.


I'd like to know if there is a way to get unique coupon codes each time a new user clicks like. So when they hit like, they might get "PLUSHTOY8X7KOL3" code which can also be emailed to them.


I hope I am explaining the problem clearly, and you can provide a solution to this.



Better Templates

Status: Idea is in development
by on ‎01-17-2012 11:31 AM

2) Better templates - I'd love to use this for contests and events, but your templates are seriously lacking in those areas. As is, I'm going to have to do a lot of work to build it to look the way I want.

Status: Idea is in development
Our templates should definitely be expanding rapidly as we continue development on this very new offering. Please check back often for new options!



add videos from youtube and the video stays on the fanpage and not go to the youtube page

1.  to add videos from youtube and the video stays on the fanpage and not go to the youtube page

2.  an option to add paypal directly under various products and services so clients can purchase on the spot

3.  while i am sure i can create a generic graphic page like i already have on my fanpage.. the first welcome.. what you can not do with that is add links to various areas of that graphic... in fact.. this would be great to do on regular email cammpaigns.. present.. you have to link the entire graphic to one link.. but is the graphic has 2 or more link points on it.. you can not do that.

4.  i was not sure if i could add extra blocks... that would be great.

5. not sure if you can incorporate live stream video taping of events.. i know other servers provide this ...

6.  i want to add my twitter dialogue.. i think i can take a widget html of my twitter page and put in a box and it should come up.. but really i want it under some of the postings on my wall so you see my postings and others.. then half way down you see twitter in live mode...

7.  looking forward to all your new tools... very exciting and already started seeing more likes to the page ... more direct messaging of the page is my guess...


thanks so much..kimirho!

should be able to download own content from files to use as template - that way company identity is consistant with existing company branding.



an option to add paypal directly under various products and services so clients can purchase on the spot

Like you share a newsletter, it would be great to be able to share the email from my social campaign with additional social networks with the click of a button.

Same question everyone asks with your email product.


I would like to have that advertising removed.


Tony Schaefer
Constant Contact Solution Provider and SMS Marketing Specialist

Status: Idea is in development

In our next update the links from the Social Campaigns badge at the bottom of landing pages and email invites will utilize the referral code for solution providers. This means you'll get credit for any sign-ups. We do not have plans to allow the badge to be removed at this point.

Re Facebook Integration

Status: More information needed
by AndrewS106 on ‎02-16-2012 08:11 AM

The functionality seems pretty good and it seems to intergrate nicely with email. Not sure if it's possible but if we could set up an email first, then do the Facebook thing and then link back to the email to promote it?

Also, the templates - we really need so more I think ;-)


Finally - pricing - while I feel it's fair for a new-starter what about people who already have 1000's of fans? Seems unfair to charge based on existing fans.


Surely a better plan would be to start free and then price based on new likes generated using your functionality?