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I had computers, web design, internett security as hobby for about 15 years, i currently own 72 domains wich i use primary to learn all about 3 things .. All about domain handling ( configuring DNS for what purpose i need, all about hosting and FTP / webservers ) .. Next is design and develop sites on the WordPress platform and learn the source code ( im currently and editor for translations for plugins and themes) .. Next is code, html i know pretty well, CSS i know the basics and i know how to find what i need in the code, still learnig PHP, and im in the proccess of learning java and python is after java .. Short summary : I know a bit more than a little about what I wrote abowe .. Ask me whatever you want if you need som help wit this and I will try to help you as best I can ! Send me a message from this form on my private / family website: https://www.haukenes.priv.no/kontakt/
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