API: get the list id in ConstantContact interface

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I am looking for the lists ids in the constant contact user interface but I can't figure where it is.


I would like to find it in order to use the getList method


Helpdesk is redirecting me here, so I hope you will be able to help me :)




Sorry for the delay getting a response.  There is no way through our product to get the List ID numbers anymore.  The List ID number is only useful for developers who are using our API, which is why it isn't exposed in the UI anymore.


To get the List ID, you would need to use the API to make a call to get the collection of lists.  Our documentation for doing this can be found here: http://developer.constantcontact.com/docs/contact-list-api/contactlist-collection.html.  If you are using an integration developed by a 3rd party developer, I would recommend contacting the developer of that integration as there is no other way to get the list IDs.  We do not recommend any integrations developed to ask the user to provide a list ID number, they should instead provide a way to select one or more lists to the user.  If they need assistance with that, we can provide that as needed.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

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There is nothing simple about this.  You need to create an app and there is no explanaton about how to create the App.  

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To be specific about ReginaB41's steps on how to get the ID without having to build some kind of utility, here are some details.  I use Firefox's Developer Tools (F12).

  1. Go to your Contacts tab in your CC account,
  2. Press F12 to pull up the developers tools.
  3. Click the Network tab at the top (probably the last tab)
  4. Go back to your CC account page and click "Email Lists" from the left sidebar
  5. Back in Developer Tools, you will see the list of "Files" update and one of the items in there will end in "/lists"
  6. e.g.  /ui/accounts/###############/lists
  7. Click that
  8. Then on the right, click the "Response" tab near the top of the page.
  9. To make is easy, copy all that appears in the window and paste it into a editor. 
  10. Do a search on seq_id and you will see a JSON list of your CC lists with all their associated parms.  seq_id is the list ID you need.
  11. Profit


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