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Hi is there any procedure that while clicking unsubscribe on the campaign we directly send report to website through php code.


In other words. As mailchimp has webhook facility in their list section. is there any such procedure in constant contact. where we execute a file from our server as user get unsubscribed.




Unfortunately we don't have a function that will update your database immediately when a contact unsubscribes from your emails.  We generally recommend running a report nightly to get a list of your contacts and those who have unsubscribed so that you can update your database.  Sorry again that we don't have a real-time feature like that.


I hope that helps, and let us know if you have any other questions.



Shannon W.

API Support Engineer


Depending on your server/webhost configuration, you may be able to setup and run an update script that does what Shannon described by setting up a cron job to execute the script. 

Mark Coleman
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Hi! I'm the programmer responsible for the BLOX CMS integration with Constant Contact.  For reference, is a Constant Contact Partner with approximately 80 active accounts.


I'd like to second this request.


In our integration, we do not store user data as it's only necessary to view this data in our admin interface.  We query it live when needed.


As such, we do not sync user data.


Since there is no record of events, it's not possible for a cron can't process responses in this situation.  A web hook to tie into really would be worthwhile.

Rhys Black

Hi Rhys,


I agree; that would be a very good feature for us to add (so that contacts can be synced), and I will pass your feedback on to our development team.  I will also let them know that multiple people are requesting the feature, one of whom manages the integration of a large partner.


Your input and feedback is appreciated.  Thank you for contacting Constant Contact!


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist



Was a webhooks feature for contact updates added? I'm only seeing them for billing changes in the API docs. This feature would be extremely useful for us.





Hi Matt,


We don't have webhooks for contact adds/removals thus far, but I'm passing this feedback onto our product manager. The billing webhooks would tell you when your billing tier went up because of contact additions, like if an account went from less than 500 contacts to more than 500 contacts, but I'm guessing you'd want more granularity than that.


Right now the only proactive mechanism we have for notifying you of contact additions and removals (other than billing webhooks) is to email you on a daily or weekly basis. To see the settings for that, you can login to an account and go to Contacts>>Sign-up Tools>>Sign-up and Unsubscribe Updates.


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

Partner API Support Engineer

Has there been any ground gained with this?


We use CC and Mailchimp, along with our own mailing DB. Mailchimp has webhooks and works flawlessly with keeping our DB updated (and that's a free program too).


Having an unsubscribe webhook seems almost necessary for the tools required in keeping multiple lists automatically updated.


It doesn't have to do anything amazing, simply run a script on my website with predefined parameters, i.e. e-mail address, list to be unsubscribed from, etc.

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I realize this thread is old but are there any plans in the near future to add this functionality? Doing a cron to sync things up isn't ideal because as campaigns are mailed out and people unsubscribe a local database is then out of sync with Constant Contact until the next cron fires and completes sucessfully. Depending on how often you want to run said job and try to stay in sync, a developer could potentially hit some API limits in regards to playing nice.

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8 years there still no webhook for unsubs (or other events)?

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