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I am trying to get going with our Constant Contact account but have run into many obstacles in setting up Etapestry to work with Constant Contact along the way.  Here are my main problems:

We want to be able to bring over email addresses AND names from Etapestry but the Etap/CC integration only allows email addresses to be brought in
To work around this, I could create a query in Etapestry of all our email accounts that are opted in, along with names (and any other info we want) and export the query into an Excel file.  
When I do that, the file does not have names listed as first and last.  Household spouses and partners are also listed in the same field.  AND multiple email addresses on the same account are also combined in one Excel cell.  I know this is an Etapestry issue but it looks like I will need to clean up the Excel file (separate first and last names, separate spouses and partners, separate emails) before I upload it into Constant Contact
That will be a pain initially and there may be some human error (identifying which email goes to which name,etc), but its doable.  I’d love to know if there is a better solution though!

The question I have from here is once we do that initial clean-up and transfer, how do we get new donors into Constant Contact? If we have a new donor or account made in tapestry, how will that email address AND name be transferred over to Constant Contact?  I know Etap and Constant Contact synchronize weekly, will a new donor/account from Etap be transferred into Constant Contact in that synchronization?  If so, will both the email AND name come over, or just the email?  We want to be able to personalize our emails to show “Dear John” not just “Dear , “.  How can we make sure that doesn’t happen?  

The tapestry donor database is dynamic with new people making a donation. How can we ensure people are not lost between the two systems?

Finally, we also send segmented emails to specific donor groups (like major donors).  That list is also dynamic in Etapestry.  In Etapestry’s Queries (segmented lists), there is a link that says “transfer to Constant Contact”  Does that mean I can transfer that specific list to Constant Contact with the most current information on that group of donors?  For instance, if I want to send an email to our Loyal Donors who give between $100-$500, there is a Query for that in Etapestry.  That Query is updated with all donors who fit in that criteria to-date.  If I want to send a specific email to them can I click the “transfer to Constant Contact” link and have that current list transferred over?  Will their names and email addresses transfer or just emails? If its just emails, will they match to emails and names that were already imported into Constant Contact in the initial transfer?

Then, say I want to send another email to that group 2 months later but new donors are added to that query.  How do I ensure those new donors get added to the list of “Loyal Donors” in Constant Contact?  Do I click the “Transfer to Constant Contact button again and it will sync to that list in Constant Contact?

Phew!  I hope this all makes sense. To sum it up we need:

An easy way to get email addresses AND names from our Etapestry database to Constant Contact
A way to make sure names AND email addresses synchronize between the two systems and new donors don’t get lost
A way to synchronize our segmented lists in Etapestry with our segmented list in Constant Contact and be certain everything is current in both lists.

 I need an Etap/ConstantContact Liaison who knows both systems.  Hopeing that is someone here!  



Thanks for the question.  I'm reaching out to eTapestry now to see if they can share the steps to do what you're looking to do.  The integration lives in eTapestry and was developed by them (with consulting and in partnership with Constant Contact).  I haven't seen the integration in over a year, but I believe that what you're asking to do is possible.  Looking to get the steps to do what you're looking to do and will share when I hear back.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Did this question ever get answered? I'm also looking for someone who knows both systems and can explain to me how they work together. I called the CC support line but they didn't know. Thanks! My email is

Hi Jennifer,


That integration was built and is supported by eTapestry/Blackbaud. You should reach out to them with questions. I did find this article that has some instructions for how to set up the integration:


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

Partner API Support Engineer

Hello we are reading this in 2021. We have similar questions and needs. Specifically the need to transfer names when email addresses are transferred from eTapestry to Constant Contact.

We have been asking for two months to have a consultation with someone from Constant Contact about this integration. It is interesting to read that questions like we have were also asked in 2014. If anyone has comments, please resopond.

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Constant Contact told me that is was an eTapestry issue.  eTapestry told me that I could request that feature in the future.  Overall very disappointed with this integration.

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Hello we are reading this in May 2021. We are in Korea - is anyone interested in forming user community group for eTap and Constant Contact integration.

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We are reading this 2021. Our organization is based in Korea - your post is excellent and we are in complete agreement of everything you wrote. Are you still working with the eTapestry product? 


-your friends in Korea

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