The 'name' attribute is automatically stripped from custom html emails. What might I do?

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I am uploading custom html emails via the v3 API. The upload works, but the "name" attribute is stripped from the code in all instances.


Furthermore, if I go to the Constant Contact web editor and re-add the "name" attribute, no errors are shown; however, upon saving and reloading the editor they are automatically stripped. 


This is problematic for me, as I am using anchoring on a newsletter. The Constant Constant previewer still shows the anchoring as working using the "id" tag. However, many email clients require the "name" attribute; When I send the same email without the "name" attribute (with only the "id" attribute) the anchoring does not work.


Eg, although. some email clients will allow id="anchor1", many require name="anchor1" for the href.


How can I stop Constant Contact from stripping my name tags?

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Hi @user142486,


The "name" tag is not currently supported in our newest custom code editor. I have provided feedback to our engineers to see if we can get this tag added.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer