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Hi there,

I am reaching out here as the help desk is closed because it's Saturday.  I am not very tech savvy so I thought I might ask here if someone might be able to tell me how I am able to put to images/pictures side by side on an email.  I know sounds super silly and I am sure very elementary, but every time I add an image it goes underneath the photo I would like it to be next too. For spacing purposes I would like the 2 pictures to be next to each other.  Is anyone more savvy then me able to help a girl out?   Thank you so much!



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Drop one image in. It will position itself in the center of the box. Then grab the 2nd image and move it over to the same box. As you move it over, a vertical, bright lavender line will appear. At that point you can let go of your image and it will position itself to the right or left side of the first picture, depending upon what direction you moved it into the box. The first photo will then move to the left or right, accordingly.


You can only position two images side by side, not three or more. And the text would have to be in a box by itself above and/or below. I don't think that the current editor gives us the option to create tables for multiple images.


I hope that helps!

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Hello @BrittaniM3! It looks like a member of our Community was able to help you out but I also wanted to include this video from our Help Center about inserting images while using the third-generation editor. Hope this helps as well!


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This does not answer the question, which is how to put images side by side in a template. I am having the same problem -- I would like to line up four small headshots in a row, and the new editor is not letting me. How may I accomplish this without having to make one composite image?

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Hi @njfuture


The good news is you do not have to make one composite image. Instead you would first have to insert these images blocks side by side in your email. In your case, since you want to have four images in a row, I would suggest inserting one of our five-column blocks. Once this block has been added you can delete a column and add your images.








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No, answer isn't received. On Mobile Images are stacked and this looks VERY ugly. I'm on the phone with Constant Contact right now and they're saying that images on Mobile will ALWAYS remain stacked ugly ontop of each other instead of Side by Side WITHOUT having it as 1 composite image (Like the individual was saying in the thread). Customer Service thus far unhelpful and unwilling to problem solve rather saying "What else do you want to hear it can't be done". 


First of all I receive NUMEROUS emails from say 1800-Flowers and many other larger names and their emails all have images clickable seperately side-by-side. My guess is that Constant Contact is no longer the standard bearer any longer. They're way behind on something so simply like proper email design. That to me is pathetic.