Accessibility - missing the paragraph drop down menu in some campaigns


I'm trying to apply H1 and H2, etc. to my headings, to make my newsletter accessible, but the paragraph menu is not available.  That menu is available in another campaign, but not in the one I'm working on.


Do some templates not include the paragraph drop down menu?! If that is the case, it is very inconvenient and not user-friendly. We have formatted a number of newsletters that it looks like we will need to create from scratch in order to access that paragraph menu.


Is there any way to apply H1, H2 etc. without that menu? Or can Constant Contact please add that?

Thank you!

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Hello @KemiA5 ,


A couple of your email drafts are using the older 3GE builder for emails, so some of their functionalities won't be the same. You can differentiate between the cross-platform / device editor and the 3GE builder really easily based on its Save and Continue buttons. 3GE will have a giant orange continue button, for example. While working in the 3GE builder, you'd need to just manually set your text's formatting, or refer to the Design tab to the left hand side for its defaults.

William A
Community & Social Media Support