Add personalization to a custom code email

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have been googling, but can I add an optional text IF the dynamic content is found, and not if it is not found. For example something like this: print ", David" is the firstname david is in the contact. but print nothing if not found. [[ ", "firstname OR ""]] Thanks!
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Hello @NCMA-Bethesda ,


If you include the personalization via the Insert functionality (see the custom code personalization article for instructions and visuals), you can set it so there is no optional fallback. With no optional fallback included, this means if the field isn't applicable (i.e. they have no first name) then it won't show anything.


If you end up needing troubleshooting assistance for a custom code email, I'd recommend calling our phone support for a transfer to the Tier 2 custom code support team.

William A
Community & Social Media Support