Adding Agency as User

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Since the roll-out of the 3-factor authentication we've run into many hiccups trying to get connected to and manage our clients' accounts. We have found work-arounds, but definitely not ideal. Currently there is an error that appears when setting up our User that claims we're using the same email address as another account. We manage hundreds of accounts so you can see how this new process is frustrating for ourselves and the client. If a single person on your UX team could try becoming a User of several accounts from across the country at once they will see where the challenges lie and hopefully find some solutions.

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Hello @JenniferP0 ,


The issue is that the email address is being used as a username on the other accounts, and not something related to MFA. Nevertheless, it is a security and compliance requirement that users have their own unique logins for each account they're logging into. If you're finding that a user you're trying to add already has their email in use, then they'll need to login to the account where that email is currently the username, and update the username for that account to not be their email.

William A
Community & Social Media Support