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You have my address as City, Province, Postal Code then CA for Canada. You've done this to meet US mail requirements not Canadian mail requirements which is what my audience will use. You should not be including CA (or the more correct version Canada) for country code for Canadian mail requirements. We would never include country on any mail we send within Canada. See for mailing requirements. Your logic is making us look like idiots for including a country code and even worse you are using CA which we would never use for our country. Failing to follow our mailing rules causes the mail to be rejected by the mail handling equipment and delays the mail getting through to the recipient. The address on the email should be the correct version that we want people to use if they are to contact us by mail. They way you have set up address in the footer is wrong for Canadian clients. Please fix it.
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Hello @AlisonR727 ,


The way it displays in the landing page footer shouldn't really affect other aspects of your account - for example the physical address in the footer of emails, or what you manually type out in the bodies. Is there some other system you're using where the LGLP's mailing address would be the main one that has to be pulled, as opposed to what's just in your account or in your emails?


That said, our higher level technical team is going to investigate this further to see what their suggestions will be to the devs for updating this automated aspect. They'll reach out to you within the next 4 business days with an update, but in the meantime this is how the footer of landing pages is designed to function.



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