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As a Havanese breeder, my primary clientele consists of families looking to adopt a puppy. However, once they have successfully adopted a pup, they usually unsubscribe from my email list. I'm looking for suggestions on how to keep them engaged and interested in my breeding services. What incentives or options can I provide to retain their loyalty?


Hello @Colhaven ,


This one's interesting, since if someone's not ready for another dog, then they're not likely to be looking for more info about dogs you have available. That said, many new owners, even if they've done their own research beforehand, will probably find value in supplemental info you can provide regarding their new puppies.


When it comes to the current content of your emails, are you only talking about puppies and litters, or are you offering additional info on after-adoption care? Once they've purchased a puppy, you can remove them from the list associated with prospective owners, and move them into a list dedicated to informing them on after-adoption care. You could consider setting up an automated series for customers after they've gotten a new puppy - to provide tips and tricks with the particular breed, health care notices, particular grooming products you recommend, or additional info about local vet clinics and trainers you recommend.


Another idea for more regular newsletters, including both prospects and new owners, would be to feature an owner you've kept in contact with to show off the dog they got from you all grown up. The newsletter can provide info on how raising and training went, or just be fluff pieces to show off the happy dog and their family.



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Hi @Colhaven,


I know it's only been about a month, but I'm curious if any off Will's suggestions resonated with you and you were able to implement any of them? Thanks!

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