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I'm getting this error message, to make the aspect ratio between 1.91:1 to 4.5. I have no idea what this means and when editing the photo I can't find that in the tools anywhere.  First of all why can't this just post up as is, and 2nd of all since nothing is easy how can I change the aspect ratio of a photo I want to use?   Thank you!

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Hello @LorraineK1 ,


Social media platforms have certain requirements for posting images, whether they force the images to adhere to them upon direct upload through their own sites, or whether they expect 3rd party systems (such as us in this case) to prevent such incompatible images from posting to begin with. I'd recommend going through this article for optimal image sizing for each social platform available via the Social Inbox tool.


When you're setting up your social posts, you can create variations, which allows you to have different wording, links, and images depending on the platform, since each has their own unique restrictions and guidelines for what they'll accept. Additionally, in the image editor under the Transformation tab, you'll find some suggested image crops you can utilize to quickly get the aspect ratios you need.

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