Bad customer service

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This is the second time I have requested help from your company and gotten nothing, What gives?

Yesterday my e mail blast did not go out as scheduled there was some issue posted about an AWS...I asked the person I spoke with to be on an e mail  list and notified when systems working again . No e mail but discovered that the system is working now and I rescheduled my mailings, 


Three months ago called to get help and learn how to adapt my Linked In contacts to my mailing list here, still awaiting that info

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Hello @MichaelK377 ,


The engineers will send out the confirmations that an active service request has been updated, as they confirm / close it. This is why we also generally advise people to watch the status page. Regarding your LinkedIn cases, the agents emailed you with info on accessing LinkedIn connections / contacts, info on importing contact files into your Constant Contact account, and info on potentially using Zapier as a way to sync those automatically. You may want to check your spam or junk folders if you seem to be regularly not receiving communications from us that you should be, as well as look into safelisting our domains.

William A
Community & Social Media Support