Be careful when scheduling messages with the same deployment time!

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Yikes, we had a problematic issue when scheduling two messages for the same delivery time.

Message 1 was to event ticket-purchasers using send-to Tag-A, using the Master List.

Message 2 was to non-ticket-purchasers using exclude Tag-A, using the Master List.

Constant Contact sent both messages to Tag-A!!

Thankfully it didn't send to exclude Tag-A, but bad enough as it was.


After talking to Support I was told there is an issue when scheduling simultaneous sends to the same list using the same tag. The system will use the same tag logic for both sends(!?). I was also told this was being addressed -- I certainly hope so.


Hello @BrianJ557 ,


Thank you for the thread, the devs are still looking into this issue and troubleshooting it. If and when they have an update regarding it, they'll notify you directly.

William A
Community & Social Media Support