Button Text Disappeared

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The button text on my landing page form used to say "submit" It doesn't anymore and I can't figure out how to just be able to type text into a button. Help please!
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Hello @StevesCraftingCafe ,


This seems like an issue where completely erasing the text, but not replacing before saving can break the button submit button block's editing. Our devs are looking into ways to prevent this from occurring when those actions are taken. In the meantime, I spoke with our Tier 2 team and they were able to make a copy of your landing page with the submit button fixed for editing. You should see it in your account as a "T2 copy" version of that landing page. You can edit the name of this landing page as desired, activate/publish it, and then replace your old LP's links with the fixed version's.

William A
Community & Social Media Support