Button link did not work on email!

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I created a button to 'make a reservation'. It worked/works perfectly upon set up, but after the email blast was sent, it doesn't work on the email.
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Hello @HotelGranduca ,


it seems like the button is losing formatting once it's sent live, but not in previews or test sends. However, when I applied the URL for that button in a live send from my own account, it worked as expected in image, text, and button formats.

Based on this, I believe the issue is something specific to that particular button in your email. As a troubleshooting step, I'd advise:
  1. Make a list with just your own self as a contact. You could call this something really obvious like "Live Test List."
  2. Copy your affected email, copy the URL you originally inserted for that button, then delete the button entirely.
  3. Then add a fresh button block, link the URL, and get the formatting consistent with the other buttons.
  4. Send the email like you normally would, and have it go to that live test list.

If the button looks and functions as expected, then that will confirm it was something specific to the button in your original sendout, and you can perform a follow-up email / correction email to your contacts. With that in mind, it'd also indicate that you may be too many copies-of-copies deep, and there's now junk coding that needs clearing from the template. You'd either want to start copying from a Master Template for cleaner coding, or from a more original source if you can find it. Otherwise, you may need to start replacing certain blocks from within future copies.


If the Live "test" you send yourself still doesn't work / ends up with the same issue, please let us know so we can see what other troubleshooting options may be available for addressing this.

William A
Community & Social Media Support