Campaigns don’t show on phone app

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My campaigns are not displaying on the phone app. How do I get them to display?
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Hello @KatherineNortonArt ,


The mobile app is mainly for on-the-go campaigns of emails and social media posts. The only emails that can be edited on the app are ones created using the Cross Platform Editor. CPE and 3GE emails' reporting is available on the app.


For more info on the CPE 

Email campaigns still using the 3ge builder, Subject AB emails, events (and emails built within a specific event), surveys, and other campaign types not mentioned in the above paragraph cannot be created, viewed, or edited through the app as they're not designed for the mobile app's functionalities. Additionally, the app is not built for account, website, or billing management, which will need to be done via the browser UI. You'll need to use the regular website to access these campaign types. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support