Can a sign-up campaign allow for individuals to upload a file (ie. logo) when signing up?

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Hello!  We have a sponsorship campaign and I'm curious if companies can upload their logo when they sign up to avoid having to contact them back for this information.  Any help or suggestions on streamlining this process appreciated!

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Hello @NDSHRM ,


Good question. I believe this is in reference to an event campaign for sign up's as opposed to a mailing list sign up form. We don't currently offer an image upload type of question, but do have a few suggestions that might work for you.


You can add a custom open ended type question to your registration form which asks for a URL where their company logo is hosted. That could be on their website, or they could use a service like Google Drive or Dropbox to host the file. 


Alternatively, you could edit the confirmation message or confirmation email for the registration and provide instructions and an email address to send their company logo to. Hopefully between those two options you could help streamline the process a little bit!