Cannot Download a Campaign

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I have been trying all day to print/download a campaign and keep getting an error message, which I'm assuming is a problem with the site. Your customer service has been impossible to get in touch with.
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Hello @JanetC95 ,


When I checked your emails, I had to swap to JPG/PNG first, then swap back to PDF and it loaded fine. Other emails I checked loaded the PDF versions straight away. Typically when this occurs with a specific email, it indicates a caching issue with one of the email's images, or a potential issue connecting with adobe.  I'd advise checking the email you were having issues with, waiting to see if the PDF errors out again, switching to JPG / PNG and waiting for that to load, then switching back to PDF to see if that alleviates your issue.


It may also be worth clearing your cache and restarting the browser, or checking to see if there's any pending updates for adobe on your device / browser.

William A
Community & Social Media Support