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Is Constant Contact folks working on code? The code below should work, correct? 


Here’s the code our page is using in its Javascript:


<!-- Begin Constant Contact Active Forms -->

<script> var _ctct_m = "ce30b8f83058e56936fcde3a024592fe"; </script>

<script id="signupScript" src= async defer></script>

<!-- End Constant Contact Active Forms -->


And here’s the code that we’ve got in the HTML of the page:


<!-- Begin Constant Contact Inline Form Code -->

<div class="ctct-inline-form" data-form-id="f6dacbd2-cde9-4d1f-9b08-84214a42f8d1">&nbsp;</div>

<!-- End Constant Contact Inline Form Code -->


Someone probably needs to find out if we’re using the correct code, and if so let them know it is not working on our site.

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Hello @MatthewC4760 ,


I'd advise following the instructions in this article if you have one of the site hosts covered in it. Please be aware that some site hosts don't allow 3rd party scripting, so our forms may not be available to use for those (such as sites). However there may be an integration available for that particular site host.


If you continue to have issues, and you're not using a site host that can accept the 3rd party scripting, then please call support or reply to the @ mention email with your website so we can investigate further.

William A
Community & Social Media Support